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5 Ways to Make Moving Easier for Your Autistic Child

Moving can be hectic and overwhelming for anyone. When a child who is autistic has to move, the experience can sometimes be too much for them to handle and can cause them to break down. If you plan to move in the near future and you have an autistic child, learn how to make the move as easy as you can with the tips provided in the following guide.

Explain What Is Going to Happen

You do not want to surprise your child one day with a move. This can be too shocking for them to be able to handle. Instead, explain to them that the family is moving to a new home.

Make sure that you specify that everyone in the immediate family is moving with you, that the pets are coming too and that they get to bring all of their belongings with them. Moving can be confusing for a child if they have never done it before, and ensuring that they know everyone and everything they love will come with them may make the move easier.

Designate Locations at the New House for Their Belongings

Take your child to the new home before anything has been moved in. Explain to them where their new room will be located and have them figure out what layout they would like to have for everything.

Allow them to use sticky notes to label the location where they want their furniture and toys. This will make them feel like they are part of the decision-making process.

Allow Your Child to Be in Charge of Packing Their Belongings

In order to make your child feel as at ease about the move as possible, you need to allow them to feel that they are in control of their belongings. If they see you packing their toys without them, they may get worried that you are getting rid of them or that they will not be packed in a way that will keep them from being damaged.

Purchase clear plastic totes for your child to pack their belongings in. They will be able to see what is packed in each bin so that they have peace of mind that everything is coming with them to the new house.

Consider labeling each box and then creating a master list for your child to be able to use on moving day. As each tote is taken out of the house, they can mark it off on the list. This allows them to know that everything has been taken from the old house. When the totes arrive at the new house, they can check them off the list again.

Explain the Situation to the Movers

When moving day arrives, it is best to pull the movers aside and explain the situation to them. Let them know that your child is autistic and that the move may be difficult for them. They will then know to speak gently to your child and have patience if they start to feel overwhelmed with the situation.

Introduce Your Child to the Movers

If you want to be sure that your child feels comfortable with the move, introduce them to the movers that will be moving their belongings. Your child will then be able to build a rapport with the movers and feel confident that they are going to safely move the items.

It is also best to have the movers pack your child's belongings into the truck as soon as they possibly can. This will help to keep their anxiety to a minimum because they will be able to have peace once they see that all of their items are ready to be taken to the new house.

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