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5 Ways to Stay Safe During a Hot Summer Move

Young couple moving in new house

When you move in the summer, in addition to dealing with the regular stress of moving, you also have to deal with the heat. When planning a summer move, make sure you plan for the weather as well.

1. Keep Out the Right Clothing

As you pack, keep out the right clothes for moving day. Keep out a lightweight shirt that is designed to wick away sweat, such as sports shirt. This will help keep you cool even as you get sweaty.

Even though the weather will be hot outside, you are going to want to wear pants. Pants will help protect your legs as you move heavy items and boxes.

Be sure to go with light-colored clothing that will reflect heat away from you, instead of dark colors that will absorb heat.

And although the summertime is hot, you shouldn't wear sandals. Sandals leave your feet exposed to injury if you drop something. Instead, wear closed toe shoes with good traction.

Wear sunglasses and a hat as well. Do not drop your defenses against the sun because you are moving.

2. Turn on the Utilities

Before moving day, turn on the utilities, such as electricity, water, and gas, at your new home. That way, you will have access to the AC and running water at your new place.

If possible, head over to your new home and turn on the air conditioning the night before your move or early in the morning of moving day if you do not have access to the property until then.

Having a cool house to move items into will make moving day tolerable. If you cannot turn on the AC in advance, bring some fans with you to cool things down.

3. Have Lots of Cool Water on Hand

Stay hydrated during your move. Set up a cooler with ice and water at both the home you move out of and the home you move into. Stock the cooler up with bottled water and sports drinks to keep everyone hydrated.

Lifting and moving items, even when it is not hot outside, can make you sweat a lot. The summer heat makes the sweating even worse. Make sure that you stop a couple of times an hour to get a drink. You do not want anyone who helps you move to suffer from heat exhaustion during the move.

Keep some towels in the ice chest as well. Get the towels wet, roll them up, and put them in the ice. Later, when you are hot, take a cool towel out and place it on your neck to cool down.

4. Put on Some Sunscreen

Do not forget about the sunscreen just because you move. Keep a bottle of sunscreen in your bag and vehicle. Put sunscreen on in the morning before you start your moving day.

You do not know how long your move will take, so make sure you can easily access your sunscreen. Remember to put on more sunscreen every two hours. The last thing you want to deal with at the end of your moving day is a bad sunburn.

5. Get an Early Start

Finally, avoid moving in the heat of the day. If possible, get the moving truck the night before.

That way, you can start moving as soon as the sun comes up in the morning.

Moving is never an easy task, and the summer heat can make the move more challenging. Give us a call at Azalea City Moving LLC. We can help you plan your summer move and make it go as easy, quick, and sweat-free as possible.