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6 Tips for Packing and Moving With Your Kids Around

Packing for a big move can present some positive possibilities. While going through your possessions and putting them in boxes to unpack in your new home, you can assess what you really want to keep. However, the perks of moving doesn’t make the process simple. Especially when you have children in the house, a variety of concerns may run through your head when you think of packing.
Whether you are moving across town or across the ountry, the unknown can be scary to kids. So, start talking about the move early on and in a positive way. Teach your children about where you're moving and reassure them. When it comes to the logistics of packing and moving, follow these tips to make the move as easy as possible on you and your kids.

Tip #1: Keep Things Structured as Much as Possible

While packing and moving will take a lot of time, energy and focus, it's important to keep kids' schedules as consistent as possible. Even if you know your kids will soon change schools, keeping them enrolled in a current school can help things feel stable and normal until right up until it's time to move. Routines can prevent or limit fears during a move.

Tip #2: Enlist the Help of Your Children

Ask for your children to help you pack their things away. Kids will love to feel like they're a part of the action, and most children love feeling like effective helpers. Be sure to give the kids specific tasks and to lock all dangerous packing materials away before they start helping. You can teach your children about organization and sorting as you help them plan how they want to pack.

Tip #3: Amp Up the Fun Factor

When kids are involved in the move, it's important to make the process as fun as possible. For example, you may choose to have colored packing tape. Let your children pick the color that will coordinate with their bedrooms, and then help them put together boxes using tape in their special colors. You may also provide colored markers, stickers, and other craft materials to help make packing more fun.

Tip #4: Hide Your Frustrations From Your Kids

No matter how much enthusiasm (or lack thereof) you have about moving, your children are likely to emulate how you react to moving in at least some ways. When you get angry or frustrated during the move, try to hide it until you can step away from your children. If you are crying or upset about the move, then your kids may start to fear it or even dread it, seeing it as a negative thing.

Tip #5: Pack Your Kids' Stuff Last

Children can start to get anxiety when they see all their things packed away. That's especially true for favorite toys. Plan to pack your children's things last. You may even choose to let them have a special box that they pack to keep with them in the car. That way, they know that they never have to be apart from their favorite toys, and they won't start to worry about their stuff.

Tip #6: Make a List of What Your Kids Will Need on Moving Day

It's impossible to know how your children will react when it's actually the day of the big move. Kids may not even fully realize that the day of the move is their last time in the house they've known as their home. Make sure to have a list of things that your children may need on moving day so that you are prepared for any scenario that may come up.
Finally, you are ultimately in charge of how easy or difficult your move will likely be. Plan carefully when you're relocating to ensure that things go smoothly for you and your children. Azalea City Moving Co. can help provide everything you need for a residential move in the Mobile area, so don’t hesitate to give us a call.