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6 Often-Forgotten Moving Tasks

Moving to a new home can feel like an all-encompassing endeavor. Between packing, finding a new school for your children, making plans with your new landlord, and finding the right moving company, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But that overwhelming feeling will be even more pronounced when you arrive at your new home and realize you forgot to do some things.

Even though you're busy, make sure you make time to complete these six often-forgotten moving tasks.

1. Fill Out a Change of Address Form

It can take the post office a few days to process a change of address, so make sure you fill out this form well in advance of your move.
You don't even have to visit a post office in person to fill out a change of address form anymore. Visit the U.S. Postal Service website and fill out an online form. They will ask for the date of your move so they know exactly when to start forwarding mail to your new address. You can even note whether just you or your entire family are moving.

2. Have Transcripts Sent to Your Children's New School

If your children arrive at their new school without their transcripts having been sent over, the new school may not know which classes to place them in. Contact your children's current school and give them the new school's contact information. Ask them to forward transcripts as soon as possible so the new school can schedule your children in advance. This will help ease your children's transition to the new home.

If you know what doctors you'll be seeing in your new location, arrange to have your medical records forwarded, too.

3. Take Photos of Electronic Setups and Assembled Furniture

Skip the frustration of trying to set up your TV or another electrical setup and not remembering where any of the cords went. Snap a photo of your electrical setup before you disassemble it, and you'll have a much easier time putting it together after the move. The same goes for any furniture you plan on taking apart before moving. Take a photo of it assembled so you're not left questioning which shelf goes where.

4. Cancel or Update Subscriptions and Memberships

If you subscribe to any monthly boxes or repeat delivery services, contact the companies with your updated address. If you are moving around the time a subscription box is scheduled to ship, you may want to just pause your subscription for a month — if possible — to reduce the risk of the box being sent to the wrong place. Plus, you'll enjoy the box more a week or two later when you're moved in and settled.

Don't forget to cancel your gym membership, too! Many gyms make it tough to cancel, and you'll have an easier time canceling in person than over the phone after you've already moved.

5. Refill Your Prescriptions

It might take a little while to have your prescriptions transferred to a new pharmacy, and you don't want to worry about running out of medication when you're in the middle of a move. Even if you're not due for a refill yet, your pharmacy can typically contact your health insurance company and gain authorization to fill a prescription early when you're planning a move.

6. Defrost and Clean the Freezer 

Freezers may take a day or longer to defrost, so you don't want to leave this task until the last minute. Use up everything in your freezer or give it to friends, and then defrost and clean it at least a week before your move so it has plenty of time to dry. 

If you don't forget the moving tasks above, you'll be better prepared for your move than most people! Contact Azalea City Moving Co. if you're looking for reliable movers in the Mobile area. We'll handle the packing, transportation, and unpacking processes, making our relocation as simple as possible.