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Tips for Decluttering Before Your Move

As you prepare for your move, decluttering and eliminating unwanted items will make the process easier once the packing begins. Getting rid of excess items helps save you time and money and makes homes look more appealing. Decluttering will ensure your new house is filled only with the items you love and use. Here are a few tips to make the decluttering process a little easier.

Give Items Away

It is not uncommon for people to feel guilty about the wastefulness of throwing things out that still have value. Eliminate that excuse by donating items instead of sending them to a landfill. There are many different ways to donate:

Give office and craft supplies to a local daycare, preschool or elementary school.
Donate unwanted books, movies or magazines to local thrift shops and libraries.
Give outdated eyeglasses to charitable groups that recycle the glass and donate the frames to people in need.
Donate older vehicles to a charity that raises funds to support the services they provide. 

If you feel guilty about throwing away items, then research local donation centers and charities in your area. You’re sure to find places to take items you no longer need.

Organize a Sale

Hold an estate sale if the idea of a garage or yard sale seems like too much work. With an estate sale, the property is kept in the home and people come inside to browse through your belongings. This is a useful method for people that have a lot of heavy furniture, bulky items or delicate antiques that could be damaged outside in a yard sale. 

Eliminate Replaceable Items

Trying to take everything in your current residence with you to your new place can backfire. As you’re packing, consider if the cost of moving certain items will be more than replacing them. Every item counts whether the moving company charges by volume or weight. Some items, like cleaning products or other chemicals, may even be unsafe to move.  

Update Photo Collections

Moving is a great time to get rid of heavy photo frames and albums. Scan and save old photographs digitally and eliminate the paper copies. Do the same with children's artwork, school papers and other assorted memorabilia. Digital copies are always easier to move and to protect than paper versions. 

Forget Unfinished Projects

Now is the time to say goodbye to that ancient broken toaster, the collection of ragged socks and the box of shirts with missing buttons. Projects that have sat around for years will most likely continue to sit around at your new location. Getting acquainted with neighbors and settling into the home will keep everyone busy enough for several months. 

Contact Home Buyers

If the reason for the move is because the home was sold, it is possible that the new owners may want some of the property. Both furnishings and accessories may be appealing to new homeowners who will have a whole new house to fill. Contact them to see if they have any interest in any of the belongings that you no longer want.

Request Some Help

It is possible for nostalgia to become a decluttering roadblock. A friend or family member or a professional organizer can help to keep you on task and remind you of the importance of getting rid of unneeded items. An extra set of hands also helps to expedite the process. 

Clearing out clutter takes a few weeks to do properly. Do not put this task off until the last minute. Begin the process as soon as a moving date is established. Avoid saving the step until packing begins because then you may be tempted to just keep everything.  Hiring professional help will make your move even easier. Contact Azalea City Moving Co. for more information.